Mission Statement

Morrison Center Front of Building


The mission of the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts is to encourage cultural and intellectual activities for the benefit and enjoyment of all Idaho citizens, by:

  • attracting national and international artists in the performing arts;
  • fostering the growth of community arts groups;
  • developing and promoting excellence in the performing arts at Boise State University;
  • promoting the usage of the Morrison Center for a variety of performing and fine arts activities;
  • providing art related education and programming opportunities through collaborative efforts;
  • providing a setting for programs that enhance the cultural and intellectual growth of the community

Core Values of the Morrison Center

Present World-Class Entertainment

The Morrison Center is the premier performance venue in the state of Idaho and holds a position of national rank with performance halls throughout the country. The Morrison Center can accommodate major Broadway touring productions and the most finely tuned instrumentation on the national and international concert circuit. A theatre of this caliber is best used by those whose skills, experience and artistry can match, and even transcend, the demands of the space.

Encourage the Artistic Growth of Local Arts Groups

Another major focus of the Morrison Center is to provide premier performance space for local artists and institutions which have developed their work specifically for this region and community. Resident companies are part of the cultural and economic fabric of this region and must be given opportunities to produce their work. In this context, the Center is a place where artistic growth is nurtured and experimentation is valued.

Advance Arts Education and Outreach

As an educational facility, the Morrison Center plays a central role in Boise State University’s mission to provide performing arts education and to enhance the cultural opportunities in the region. Any Boise State University student of the performing arts who aspires to become a professional artist, technician or manager, has the opportunity to study and perform in the Morrison Center.

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