Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Positions And Committees


Volunteers are trained to usher at Morrison Center performances. This includes scanning tickets, standing at each Main Hall door during performances, guiding patrons within the facility, and operating the coatroom. In addition, the Performance Usher Chair reviews safety procedures before each performance.


Members of this committee sell coffee, soft drinks, bottled water, cookies, and candy from the refreshment booths in the main lobby and at both ends of the second and third floors. Refreshments are sold both before performances and during intermissions.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is open at most events held in the Morrison Center with a wide variety of items for purchase either by cash, check, or credit card. The Gift Shop is located in the main lobby and is open both before performances and during intermissions.

Hearing Assistance

The Morrison Center Volunteers provide assistive hearing devices to help patrons who are hard of hearing. This service is at no cost to the patrons.


The Membership Committee processes all membership applications yearly and creates and maintains the Volunteer lists for the Usher, Refreshments, Gift Shop, and Hearing Assistance committees. They also help prepare the Membership Directory, which includes photos of the Morrison Center Volunteers.


This committee designs and publishes the Morrison Center Volunteers’ quarterly newsletter, the Curtain Call.


Organizes, schedules, and provides an orientation to the Morrison Center Volunteers every two years and training for Gift Shop and Coat Check Volunteers.


Conducts membership drives and participates in community activities to solicit new members. The committee also distributes materials to cultivate interest in becoming a Volunteer of the Morrison Center. 


The Reception Committee plans and hosts the Fall Kick-Off, the Annual Morrison Center Volunteers Dinner Meeting in the spring, and any other receptions throughout the year.


This committee provides floral arrangements for the Morrison Center and special events for the Volunteers throughout the year.


The Historian records events and preserves memorabilia of the Morrison Center Volunteers in scrapbooks and the BSU archives.


Sends cards acknowledging events in the lives of the Morrison Center Volunteers.

Membership Requirements

Age: Must be at least 18 years of age. (No upper age limits.)
Application: Must complete an application form and pay dues to Membership Chairperson. Dues are for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30 and are not pro-rated.

Physical Requirements:

The essential functions of the Volunteer position, no matter the assignment are as follows:

  •  Be able to stand for up to two hours with or without breaks.
  •  Be able to walk including using the stairs.
  •  Be able to follow and comply with directions.
  •  Be able to assist patrons in an emergency evacuation of the building.
  • Possess ability to comprehend the essential functions of the assigned position.


New members must receive general orientation prior to being called to
volunteer. General re-orientation is done every two years and must be completed prior to being called to work. Orientation is usually scheduled once a month or as needed. The schedule can be found on this website.

Volunteer Dress Code

Women must wear black skirts or slacks, black shoes, and a white blouse. Men must wear black slacks, black socks and shoes, a white dress shirt, and a black or dark (conservative) necktie. In addition, Morrison Center Volunteer jackets and vests must be worn by USHERS, GIFT SHOP, and HEARING ASSISTANCE & COAT CHECK VOLUNTEERS.

Volunteer Assignments

All Volunteers must arrive and be ready to work 90 minutes prior to showtime. The Philharmonic, Ballet, and Opera are the only exceptions as it is a two-hour arrival prior to show time due to pre-show lectures.

As Center volunteers, we are here to serve the Morrison Center and the patrons.  We have lots of fun – with a lot of great people and we look forward to having you join us. Sign-up today and WELCOME!