2020 Summer Performance Intensive

All weeks of Intensive are currently full!

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Limited availability, first-come, first-served

Week 1: July 6 - 11, 2020
Week 2: July 13 - 18, 2020
Week 3: July 20 - 25, 2020
Week 4: July 27 - August 1, 2020

Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM daily
Saturday: 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM

This camp is designed for students entering 3rd through 12th grade.
There are roles for all ages, skill and experience levels.

For further information about the Summer Performance Intensive, please email [email protected].

Show Description:

Haphazardly Touchnet Image.jpg

The musical fun in this original fractured fairy tale farce is equal only to its magical appeal! 

The mean Princess Cinnamon, the not-so-bright Princess Peppermint, the vain Prince Hairgel, and Prince Slacker are obnoxious, bratty adult children who do not live up to their royal titles - and they still live at home!  The king and queen try everything to help their children grow up and move out, but nothing seems to work.  After hiring therapists, bringing in teachers, and even trying to marry off their children, the king and queen are ready for a happily-ever-after that doesn't involve their children living at home.  They call upon a fairy godmother to help quiet the castle.  But who knew hiring a fairy godmother came at such a ridiculous price?  And the permits required are outrageous!  The king and queen decide to create a do-it-yourself fairy tale.  Of course, nothing goes as planned and musical, comical, royal chaos ensues!  But despite the king and queen's DIY failure, the princes and princesses just might have been changed for the better. 

This magical musical is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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The Morrison Center for the Performing Arts is committed to providing art related education and programming opportunities through educational workshops, talk-backs, camp and academic scholarships and subsidized or free tickets for students, children, and those in need. During the 2016 calendar year, the Center hosted 27 free, public events for a total attendance of over 30,000 patrons.

Morrison Center Kicks Off Cultural Ambassador Term with Golden Dragon Acrobats

The Morrison Center had its first free, community event as a Cultural Ambassador for the City of Boise. With a two-year term, the Center will act as one of Boise's honorary representatives to the world. The City of Boise Cultural Ambassador program is designed to share Boise's cultural and creative community with other cities across the globe and foster connection to global audiences. Acting as one of Boise's honorary representatives to the world, the Cultural Ambassador engages with national and international audiences through the public expression of culture that helps develop, document, research, share, or reflect upon Boise's culture and help make Boise the most livable city in the country. The Golden Dragon Acrobats was the first official event for the Morrison Center under the aegis as a Cultural Ambassador for the City of Boise.

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