Rental Information

The Center provides full proscenium stage and seats 2000 +/- depending on technical requirements. We work with our partners to make every event, concert, comedy show, dance and more; a successful endeavor for all.

Rental Information

Scheduling Policy

Please review our Scheduling & Booking Guidelines to find out how to reserve a date for the Morrison Center Main Hall. This document provides some helpful information for first-time users. First-time users may be required to complete a Permit Application. A formal Licensing Agreement is fully executed once a date is approved and contracted. The Licensing Agreement outlines facility policies and requirements in detail.

Hold Requests

To request a hold for the Morrison Center Main Hall, please contact Brian Thacker at 208-426-4111.

Rental Rates, Venue Technical Specifications & Seating Layout

Please contact Brian Thacker at 208-426-4111 for our current rates and building specifications.

A Truck Route Map is available to assist visiting touring productions.