Morrison Center Volunteers

Thanks to the vision of Velma V. Morrison, the Center’s Volunteer Organization was formed in 1984 in preparation for the grand opening.

The Mission of the Morrison Center Volunteers is to promote the Center and to provide Volunteer support services and financial support to the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. To do this, the Volunteers provide ushers, ticket scanners, guides, a gift shop, and hearing assistance for the patrons. These activities produce financial support for the Morrison Center, as well as many thousands of hours of dedicated volunteer work.

The Morrison Center Volunteers produce their own Membership Directory, publish a quarterly newsletter (The Curtain Call) and host several social events.

Join us Saturday, September 25th, 2021 at the Morrison Center from 10 AM-Noon, we will be holding a New Volunteer Coffee and Orientation. At that time, you will learn more about the volunteering opportunities at the Morrison Center. If you wish to join the team, you can pay your dues, purchase your uniform, and complete orientation all that same day!

No RSVP required, just join us. Be sure to come to the riverside doors.


Volunteer Contact Info

For more information about the Morrison Center Volunteers or for questions write to:

Morrison Center Volunteers
1910 University Drive Boise, Idaho 83725
or email [email protected]

Volunteer Portal

We have compiled a collection of items available to assist you with questions you might have. 

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