31 Oct / 2022

Halloween 2022: Spooky Stories of the Morrison Center

Happy Halloween! Our staff got dressed up and shared some spooky tales from working at the Morrison Center over the years. What spooky mysteries lie within the Morrison Center?

According to our Director of Production & Operations Shaun Sites, one day while working on our main stage he heard an upstairs door open, followed by footsteps across the catwalk in our main hall. But no one and nothing was there. A moment later, the footsteps returned and another upstairs door slammed shut. Shaun was the only individual in the building.

Nearly a decade ago, an employee of the Morrison Center claimed that Harry Morrison didn't like our stage lighting and would mess with our lighting board when he felt like it. If you ever see a stage light flicker during a performance or rehearsal, just know that it's Harry Morrison saying hi!

What spooky tales have you experienced? Whatever your Halloween plans are this year, remember to stay safe and that "Ghouls just wanna have fun"!