16 Nov / 2022

The Theatre Majors Association Fall Showcase: 30 Plays in 60 Minutes!

Posted by Austin Snodgrass

We sat down with Aneshia Morishita, the President of Boise State University's Theatre Major Association, to get a glimpse into the Theatre Major Association's showcase production: Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, 30 plays in 60 minutes!

AS: What IS the Theatre Majors Association?
AM: The Theatre Majors Association was founded by students who wanted to get more hands-on with producing a performance. From stage design, to directing, to stage management, to lighting design. We produce everything for our performances!

AS: What does a day in the life of the President of the Theatre Majors Association look like?
AM: Community outreach is a huge part of it! I just became President this year, so I've spent a lot of time connecting with students, getting students involved, and making them feel like a part of something.

AS: What do you enjoy most about being President of the Theatre Majors Association?
AM: Learning new organizational skills. (Laughing) My Google Drive has never been cleaner or more organized! I also love seeing how every aspect of the Theatre Majors Association affects the different parts of our productions.

AS: How can students get involved with the Theatre Majors Association?
AM: Follow us on social media (FB: @tmabsu, IG: @tmaboisestate), email us (tmaboisestate@gmail.com), or come talk to us in person! We'd love to meet you and get you connected.

AS: What is the Theatre Majors Association's upcoming production about?
AM: It is a WEIRD and WILD show! It's a scripted improv show made up of 30 plays that the audience chooses the order of. It is "ungodly" funny. It's fun and very interactive with the audience. This show says "get in there!"

AS: I've heard that the original production of "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind" in Chicago had 90 plays in it. How did you narrow it down to 30?
AM: That is true! To narrow it down, we found that some plays were just... too weird. We wanted to do a lot of them so it was difficult to narrow it down and make cuts. I went over them with my stage manager and we made lists and compared them and decided from there.

AS: What is the preparation for something like this? How do you get ready for this many plays in a randomized order?
AM: We definitely thought it would be more difficult at the beginning! Essentially each actor just associates different items, props, or things with each play number. We have a lot of different exercises to remember them.

AS: What is the audience participation like in this production?
AM: The actors will lead you into it! The biggest part is that they will reach out to you. Anything you say will not be looked down on for "not being funny". The cast will feed off your energy! Note: Definitely sit in the first two rows if you want to participate.

AS: Do you have a "favorite" 2-minute play?
AM: Probably "Love, Phil" or "The Revenge of the Hammer"! You'll get to see them during the show and decide for yourself which is your favorite.

AS: We can't wait to see it! How can students, families, and faculty get tickets?
AM: The Morrison Center box office and on the Morrison Center website! Tickets are only $10 and are a huge support for future productions. Students get discounted tickets for $5 if you purchase in-person at the box office. If you'd like to attend for free, you can volunteer as an usher before and after the show! Limited usher spots are available so email me at aneshiamorishita@u.boisestate.edu to claim your spot.

*Ushering only available for the TMA Showcase in the Danny Peterson Theatre